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Howe’s Brooklyn: Heading a New Generation Reviving DUMBO, BID-head Kerrigan Gets More Tools

THE DUMBO IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT’S NEW LEADER, KATE KERRIGAN, works with big spaces. During the next several months, into early next year, she will be working with Department of Transportation Commissioner JANETTE SADIK-KHAN to reconnect two halves of DUMBO, which for the last 17 years have been divided by a blocked Manhattan Bridge underpass. Specifically, the..

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Howe’s Brooklyn: Acclaimed Heights Poet Captures ‘Wrenching, Torturous’ Process Of Chasing and Receiving Love

BROOKLYN-BORN POET RIKA LESSER is well known in the realm of Swedish and German literary translation, and has to her name a nearly year-by-year record of grants, prizes and awards for her work. She has written and translated continuously over the course of several decades, although, as she says with a laugh, “When your job..

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Howe’s Brooklyn: Greenpoint Artist’s Message Wins ‘Science Idol’ Cartoon Contest

JUSTIN BILICKI of Greenpoint has been named America’s “Science Idol” after winning the Union of Concerned Scientists’ editorial cartoon contest, meant to draw attention to the growing problem of political interference in federal government science. “It has become increasingly difficult to trust anything or anyone associated with power,” said Bilicki. “If you can simplify social..

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