No one struggling to keep a theatre company alive could be happier than JOE MCCARTHY, longtime Cobble Hill resident and Director of Development for the Irondale Center. Irondale, known for creative theatre events, is currently staging alice…Alice…ALICE!, an interactive update of Alice in Wonderland. What is Joe so thrilled about? Earlier today the New York Times published a glowing review of ALICE!. The piece pays great compliment to the show, praising its interpretive spin on a classic story, as well as the actors who brought it to life.
“Most impressive are Mr. Greiss, playing the Mock Turtle as a self-pitying curmudgeon, and Michael-David Gordon, spirited and ingratiating as the Cheshire Cat,” writes reviewer Andy Webster. “But perhaps the most commanding star in this appealing, fairly family-friendly production is the church itself: regal, venerable and enchanting.”
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