Month: October 2007

Howe’s Brooklyn Look to the Narrows — Form of “Congestion-Location Pricing” Already Exists; Also, Don’t Miss Spicy CB 6 Meeting

With all this talk about putting tolls on bridges and streets for the privilege of driving into certain parts of Manhattan, and how it’s fair or not fair depending on where you live, and where in New York City you need to drive, we thought we’d remind everyone that intra-New York City congestion pricing already..

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Howe’s Brooklyn: ‘Asbestos Abatement’ Now In Heights’ Clark Street Station and Area —Does This Really Qualify As ‘Public Notice?’

With blue electricians tape, two pieces of paper are taped to the lampposts announcing “Public Notice: Asbestos Abatement” (Although with this afternoon’s rain, they may not still be readable). In a neighborhood teeming with strollers, moms-to-be, elderly folks, and lawyers (!), we are pressed to wonder, if anything, what this means. The “work areas” list..

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