With all this talk about putting tolls on bridges and streets for the privilege of driving into certain parts of Manhattan, and how it’s fair or not fair depending on where you live, and where in New York City you need to drive, we thought we’d remind everyone that intra-New York City congestion pricing already exists.
The proof is on the Verrazano Bridge: all cars coming into Brooklyn pay $4 (with EZ-pass) unless you are a registered Staten Island resident, then you pay $2.40 (with EZ Pass). And in one of the last best deals in the city, if you are three or more in a car (HOV) with registered Staten Island plates you pay $1.125 (Yes, that is the cost for prepaid). However, we hear some grumbles from a lot of Bay Ridge residents and other good Brooklynites who work in Staten Island, that it’s not fair that they don’t receive a similarly sweet discount coming home into Brooklyn despite using the bridge during an off-peak time.
Is this a case of the “Que-Seras” or of more grumblings to come? And we were beginning to wonder why so many license plates are registered to Staten Islanders?
In other news, be sure to not miss the Community Board Six (CB6) meeting to be held at Long Island College Hospital (LICH), Thursday, October 25, at 6 p.m. On the table, will be the fate of a proposed 152 units of housing spread over three developments in the Columbia Street District, and they will perhaps re-affirm the area’s status as a “Historic District.” A large and maybe vocal turnout is expected and this should be interesting.