Month: April 2010

Howe’s Brooklyn: Truman Capote

Lauren Ambrose The famous mansion here at number 70 Willow St., where TRUMAN CAPOTE was a tenant of theatre set designer Oliver Smith, brought together a sold-out crowd for a memorable evening to hear Capote’s words in the house he occupied for 10 years. The evening was one of many being put together to celebrate the..

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Howe’s Brooklyn: Norris Church Mailer, Aaron Felder, Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn Heights Association, Alice Waters, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

NORRIS CHURCH MAILER, widow of the late, great author Norman Mailer and a long-time resident of Brooklyn Heights, launched her memoir A Ticket to the Circus on April 6, at powerHouse Arena in DUMBO. PowerHouse hosted a reading and party on Wednesday, April 7, at 7 p.m. with the author, where she was interviewed by..

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