Of the five boroughs, Brooklyn has the largest number of residents receiving Social Security Disability Benefits. On Sunday, JEFF KLARE, CEO of Red Hook-based Hire Disability Solutions, will embark from Borough Hall on a 300-mile bike ride to Washington D.C. to promote the employment of individuals with disabilities. Borough President Marty Markowitz will help send him off, and along the way Klare will be joined by corporate alliances as well as members of the disabled community.
Hire Disability Solutions, which Klare founded, seeks to ensure a society where individuals with disabilities have an equal chance to succeed in the workforce. As Klare told the Eagle, the opportunities for work that this population seeks need to be expanded. “Not just fast food workers or grocery store baggers,” he said. “Opportunities like vice president of accounting, marketing or engineering.”

With Markowitz as a long-time advocate and the active community of people with disabilities here, Klare has the home crowd needed to launch a benefit in which a black tie will not be in sight. He said, “the best place to do it is in Brooklyn.”