THE FIRST CARROLL PARK KIDS’ CONCERT of the summer was an energetically charged and well-attended affair, despite early concerns that it might not happen. The free concert series’ fate was in doubt due to lack of funding and leadership until SIMMI DEGNEMARK stepped in to lead a small but determined all-mother volunteer team to revive the project. The group is affiliated with the Committee to Improve Carroll Park.
Kiddie band AudraRox, led by mother of two and Carroll Gardens-based pre-K music teacher AUDRA TSANOS, provided the feature entertainment for the June 21 afternoon. Four more shows are planned through late August. For those concert dates, visit
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THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM has revealed that a third of its Coptic sculptures are fakes, according to The Art Newspaper. Ten of Brooklyn’s 30 late-Egyptian sculptures have been deemed total forgeries, while 10 others have been recarved and repainted in modern times. This is an especially tough blow because prior to the discovery, the museum’s Coptic collection was the second largest on this continent (following the Metropolitan Museum’s). Curator Dr. Edna Russmann, who has just concluded her study of the fraudulent pieces, believes this discovery will prompt scholars to “re-evaluate Coptic art.” She warns that other museums with late Egyptian sculpture acquired in the past half century may too have modern imitations to contend with.
Although known by specialists, the problem of Coptic fakes has remained out of public discussion, notes The Art Newspaper. Brooklyn may be the first institution to openly and systematically approach this discovery. Instead of slipping the items quietly out of the collection, the “unmasking” of the forgeries will be revealed in an exhibition called “Coptic Sculpture in the Brooklyn Museum,” opening on Feb. 13 of next year.
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AT LAST WEEK’S BOERUM HILL ASSOCIATION GENERAL MEETING, LED BY PRESIDENT SUE WOLFE, next year’s board members were voted in. The meeting featured a presentation from BHA historian Erik Fortmeyer about the history of the Boerum Hill House Tour sites. In addition, Justin Watral, author of “Firehouse 101,” sold copies of his new book and spoke about the work — a fictional story about hotel executive Alex Livingston, who moves from Honolulu to Boerum Hill after the 9/11 attacks. Betty Bakery provided refreshments. See more info at
CO-OWNERS JOHN IMBRIALE AND JAMES QUIGLEY invite you to celebrate Independence Day at Peggy O’Neill’s with some good ol’ competitive eating. The restaurant’s 7th Annual Hamburger Eating Contest, MCed by professional eater Arnie “Chowhound” Chapman, (co-founder of The Association of Independent Competitive Eaters), will last six minutes while contestants consume eight-ounce burgers. “Picnic rules” apply, which means that the bun and burger must be eaten together. Last year, the winner ate seven and a half burgers. Peggy O’Neill’s is located at 1945 Surf Ave. in Coney Island. The contest will begin at 2 p.m.
ON JUNE 30, BOROUGH PRESIDENT MARTY MARKOWITZ played camp counselor as a group of young campers gathered at Borough Hall to enjoy “bug juice” and other camp goodies to kick off this season of Camp Brooklyn. Markowitz says that his camp experience changed his life, and he wants to continue the tradition for other youngsters. The first group of campers left for the great outdoors this past weekend; a total of 350 will be experiencing two weeks of outdoor fun and hands-on learning at 10 different camps in the “country” outside the New York City area. This program is due to the generosity of corporate sponsors and caring Brooklynites.