“I WAS RECENTLY IN BROOKLYN, selling my goods at the Renegade Craft fair and just loved the way [the Domino facory] looked over the bridge and on the water,” said artist NATE DUVAL. “Upon researching the factory, I discovered it had great history as well, and I just felt I needed to draw it. I was also looking for an iconic image of Brooklyn to draw when looking for inspiration on a piece of merchandise (a hand printed tour poster) for Brooklyn’s own Vivian Girls. They are sugary sweet and I figured what better icon for an all-girl rock band from Brooklyn.”
Duval lives in Massachusetts. You can visit his shop at www.NateDuval.com.
* * *
AFTER A NINE-MONTH HIATUS, THE BROOKLYN SONGWRITERS EXCHANGE will return this summer, but to a new location — Union Hall in Park Slope. Co-curators and Park Slopers REBECCA PRONSKY and MAIA MACDONALD will present handpicked local talent on a monthly basis in what has previously been called “cozy evenings.” Brooklyn native and prolific songwriter Pronsky founded the Brooklyn Songwriters Exchange in the fall of 2005 to draw together community and build support among Brooklyn and New York songwriters. The series ran monthly at Vox Pop until the end of 2006 when it moved to Brooklyn Lyceum and became a weekly program. Songwriter, instrumentalist and radio DJ Maia Macdonald joins Rebecca in hosting and curating the shows at the new venue.
The first concert of the season, August 25, will begin with the “jazz-tinged urban folk-story songs” of JEN CHAPIN, the smooth-voiced daughter of Harry Chapin who has accumulated an impressive body of work. She and the whole family are longtime members of Grace Church in the Heights. Chapin was baptized and married to her husband, Stephan Crump, at Grace, and her parents were married and her father’s memorial service was held at the church.
For the developing Brooklyn Songwriters Exchange lineup, visit www.rebeccapronsky.com/songwriters-exchange.html
* * *
A KOSHER MEAT SHORTAGE has descended on NYC and according to NYMag, the root cause is a case of corruption in Brooklyn-based company Agriprocessors. The owner, Brooklyn Hasid Aaron Rubashkin, has been struggling to continue production since his Postville, Iowa, meat-packing plant was slammed with the largest single-site immigration raid in U.S. history. More than a third of the workforce was arrested, including 18 juveniles, and one employment agency pulled 150 temp laborers within days, siting unsafe conditions. More than a dozen state and federal agencies are investigating the company. “We got a big mess, no question about it,” 80-year-old Rubashkin told the JTA news agency.
* * *
VICKI ELLNER, founder and chair of the Senior Umbrella Network of Brooklyn (SUN-B) has elected to honor Sen. Marty Golden when the network celebrates its fifth birthday July 15 at Kingsborough College.
“He is a champion for all seniors,” says Ellner, about Golden. “In his role as chairman of the New York State Committee on Aging, he has advocated continuously for the rights of older Americans, helping to enact legislation . . . The Power of One award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond in their efforts to make a difference, and that describes Martin Golden perfectly.”
SUN-B is an organization of professionals from different sectors focused on improving services for local senior citizens. To make luncheon reservations call Sue Ferraro at (516) 455-8302.
Brooklyn Children’s Museum President CAROL ENSEKI recently gave the keynote commencement address at St. Joseph’s College. Her main message: “Seek inspiring people.” Since 1997 Enseki has led the museum’s efforts to increase educational opportunities.